Redefining Careers

Life Sprint helps students #getunstuck early.

We can help your students get ahead - ask us!


We help students focus on what matters

1. Understanding purpose and possibilities

2. Defining tangible and strategic steps to get ahead of the curve

3. Building a network of relevant connections

“The push I got from Life Sprint, mixed with the knowledge I’m gaining from INSEAD, has made me feel very confident that, this time, my idea will become a reality!”

Anna Swierta
MBA Candidate, INSEAD

“LifeSprint is an innovative asset in the careers portfolio for postgraduate students. Life Sprint virtual sessions are an incredibly valuable alternative or/and addition to a one-to-one coaching session, where the focus is on identification on one's career direction and challenges.”

Maria Vaskova
Head of Career Services, GISMA

"Life Sprint helped me better align myself towards my goals, and gave me the push that I needed."

Daniel Iwuchukwu
MBA Student, Berlin

We've worked with students from:

Our Method

Life Sprint is made up of twelve interactive exercises, facilitated in our specially designed online workspace.

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