So you wanna... get your career unstuck?

You've come to the right place!

Feel like you never have enough time?

Got countless ideas but they don't land?

Need to set some work/life boundaries?

1. Pick your purpose!

Which persona would you like to channel?

Healthy Hermit

Is it hard to find balance between your (make-shift) office and the kitchen? Are you struggling to stay productive and healthy?

We can help you create structure to survive the lock-in without going insane!

Career Climber

Has all this time at home got you thinking about changing sector? Perhaps you want to push for a new role or land a new job?

It's time to think strategically, and to figure out your next career step!

Side Hustler

Have you been saying things like “one day I’ll launch my Etsy”, or “I always wanted to write a book” but you never actually get to it?

Now's the time to grab the bull by the horns and bring an idea to life!


2. Select a sprint...

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Apr 19, 20, 22
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Sprint Week:
September 6, 8, 9
(Mon / Wed / Thur)

🇪🇺 17 - 18:30 CET
🇺🇸 11am - 12:30pm ET
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3. Get unstuck!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Sprint Week

3 x 90 minute virtual sessions

2. Action Phase

3 weeks of remote group support

3. Achieve Your Goal

And get €50 cash back!

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Achieve your goal in four weeks, and get money back!


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"Life Sprint got me super energized about getting "unstuck". Matt and Rakesh have created a unique and structured formula to efficiently lead people through the process of identifying a simple and actionable plan to move toward their dreams. Highly recommend!"

Marybeth Hill
User Research Leader, Mercer (U.S.A)

"My confidence in understanding my interests and finding the next stage in my career has increased from 15% to 85%, and the last 15% is something I can only fully discover on the job."

Justin Hogenbirk
Sustainability Consultant / Career Changer (Netherlands)

"I’m a big fan of Life Sprint! The structure and support were particularly helpful, to the point that I’ve been using it as an example of best practises in presentations I’ve given on personal and professional development!"

Jeroen De Groot
Design Thinking Leader, Accenture (The Netherlands)


Can I balance Life Sprint with my job?
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What technical equipment do I need to participate in Life Sprint?
When can I expect results?
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