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Sprinter Story: Judit Costa

“It’s so easy to stay within your filter bubble, but that’s a bad idea, that’s when you get stuck.” 

We spoke to children’s rights expert Judit Costa, a Life Sprint alumni, who’s been working on-the-ground in the human rights’ sector for over 10 years. “For the first time in a long time, during Life Sprint, I had to explain my role without industry buzzwords, and truly express my own value. That was an incredibly powerful experience, as it forced me to really think about my professional place in the world.”

“This idea of stuckness really resonated with me. It felt honest, and that’s honestly how I felt. In human rights, you specialise in a specific group, and for me, that was kids, then refugee kids, then refugee kids in Germany, then refugee kids in Germany without parents. I knew I could transfer the discriminating mechanisms I’d discovered to different groups of people and people of different backgrounds. The problem was that I didn’t feel valid, because this is not a done thing and I didn’t know how to prove that I could do it.”

After going round and round in her head, getting more and more frustrated, Judit joined one of the first-ever Life Sprints.

“More than anything, I benefitted from the amazing group of people, as well as Matt and Rakesh. The energy was great, and the environment was so supportive. Pulling myself out of the hierarchical world of human rights really helped me see my professional skills in a whole new light, and I finally saw what a huge benefit being a generalist was.”

For Judit, a real turning point came from a passing comment: “I told the group I was fed-up of being offered university lectures, that I thought giving talks was a waste of my time. Everyone stopped me, saying what an amazing opportunity it was, and made me articulate why I felt so negatively about it. It was hard facing my own biases and prejudices, but in doing so, I realised what a huge benefit contributing teaching could be - both for the next generation of human rights’ workers, and for me to start showing that mechanisms can be translated from group to group - it was a win-win situation.”

Her Life Sprint goal was to update her LinkedIn in order to showcase her validity in the space, which would allow her to springboard forward in her career. In researching other profiles of people she admired, Judit realised just how many of her peers had taught at university!

Since Life Sprint, Judit has led lectures and seminars at universities. “I’ve also finalised my masters thesis, and have written about a mechanism - using serious games in teaching human rights - and how it can be transferred from refugee kids in Germany to other groups of marginalised people. This is something I’d have never done without Life Sprint. I’ve even decided to use serious games to teach my students! I’m excited to get their feedback, as well as to transfer knowledge and develop myself.”

Way to go Judit! We’re so honoured to have been a part of your journey.


Do you - like Judit - you feel lost in your career and need help re-discovering your path? We’d love to have you join an upcoming sprint!

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