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What is Life Sprint?

Do you feel stuck in your career? Life sprints get you unstuck in just four weeks

Career stuckness is normal. Long gone are the days when, at the tender age of 16, we select one career and stick with it, steadily working our way up the ladder at just one company. As more and more of us choose non-linear pathways with flexible options, career transitions have replaced professional stability. 

In advanced economies, as a result, disengagement rates at the workplace sit between a shocking 70-95%. We feel frustrated, confused and stuck, wanting to make change, but not necessarily knowing how. 

Painfully few constructive options exist to help get us out of our professional funk, which is why we designed Life Sprint.

What is a Life Sprint?

Life Sprint is an online, four-week process, that helps you tackle your career stuckness head-on. We originally designed it for friends, but realised that more and more people could benefit from focusing on their own professional development.

Through a series of guided workshops that include strategic mapping, trialling ideas and group feedback, you’ll develop a set of personalised goals to help you achieve your next steps. As well as our guidance, you’ll benefit from the support of your fellow sprinters (group sizes 6-8) - who you can repay with your feedback!

Inspired by design thinking, design sprints and coaching theory

As strategic designers and facilitators, we - Matt and Rakesh - got thinking: how can we help people get out of their stuck zone and empower them to reach their potential? 

We’ve spent years helping solve problems for organisations using design thinking, and seen a rapid shift towards agile and lean as a way to deal with fast-paced complexity. So we took the best bits from organisation development, and blended it with theory from coaching and psychology, before trialling formats with hundreds of participants in 20 different countries, to develop the right mix!

What can you expect?

We strongly believe in focusing on future possibilities, not past mistakes, and on asking you the right questions, not spoon-feeding you irrelevant answers. We’re on hand every step of the way, and we can’t wait to see you succeed.

Life Sprint helps take you from confusion to action. Together we break down your stuckness, and priorities your goals, in just four simple steps: 

1. Prioritise

Map out your options and select what to tackle first.

2. Reframe

Identify obstacles, helpers and set a tangible goal.

3. Strategise

Ideate solutions, set the journey and start doing.

4. Implement

Completing your journey map, and reaching your goal with supporters.


Our Sprinters have achieved a full spectrum of career wins: they’ve tested new business ideas, regained confidence for job searches, and have finally finished their personal website, while others have launched side projects and developed healthier habits.

If you’d like to join a sprint, or find out more, let us know! We can't wait to help you unlock your potential!

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