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Eleonora Valenti: How to boost your career from the couch

Life Sprint Speaks to... Eleonora Valenti

We’ve been LinkedIn friends with Eleonora for a while, and have enjoyed her posts on recruitment and personal development, which highlight her experience mixed with thoughtful insights.

She’s the Head of Recruitment at Mindvalley, a platform and community that shares ideas and teachings by the key experts in personal growth, wellbeing and productivity, as well as providing learning opportunities. Prior to that, she worked in talent acquisition for Nike.

With all the career development knowledge, we were keen to pick Eleonora’s brain for our second “Life Sprint speaks to...” event, one which would focus on how to boost our careers virtually.

Listen to the conversation on Soundcloud.

Thank you to the 20 of you who joined Eleonora’s session, and thank you for your smart questions.

We hope you enjoy listening back!

Our key takeaways.

Figure out your own values

Before you make any career decisions, sit and reflect on why you want to make a change. Is it because you’re frustrated with your team or don’t feel appreciated? Or is it because you really dislike what you’re doing? Determine what your values are, and what you need from an environment, and then engineer your next steps. This reflection will ensure you stay focused on what you really want. 

Networking is needed

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you respect via LinkedIn. You’ll be surprised how keen people are to share and connect with you. The important thing when you reach out is to have a specific ask: do you want to know about the sector, or how to grow a skill set? The more focused you are in your outreach, the more likely you are to get a response.

Positivity is powerful

When planning our futures, especially given the current COVID circumstances, it can be easy to give in to fear: don’t! One of the most powerful weapons to boost your career trajectory is your own positivity. Write a list of everything you are good at, and note how each characteristic can help you hit your next career goal.

Eleonora’s future predictions.

Towards the end of the talk, Eleonora was asked by Fiona Reith what she thought the upcoming trends in personal development would be, and what she was curious about. This was her answer:

“We’re moving towards a world where the mind and the heart will be more connected. Showing empathy and vulnerability is becoming more and more of a must within leadership roles, and we are beginning to see this now with government responses to COVID.”

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About Eleonora Valenti

Eleonora is deeply passionate about contributing to peace and unity in the world: she graduated in International Relations and started her professional career in international cooperation projects before life and curiosity led her to the talent space. She took a role in the non-profit sphere before moving to Nike. She now works as the Head of Recruitment at Mindvalley, the school for personal transformation. She sees careers as a personal development playground, so she aims to build a more human and engaging future of work, while guiding people to unlock their most fulfilling life by aligning their careers to their core purpose.

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