We help people who are stuck in their careers to reframe their challenges, redesign their focus and take action towards a better life.

Life Sprint came about based on countless conversations with friends and colleagues who spoke of being stuck in their careers, not knowing how to go about planning their next moves.

As design facilitators, we create workshops that are all about nudging people to action, but usually for the good of a company, or a project. We wanted to channel the power of various tools, as well as the human interaction component, to help get more people unstuck, fast but in a fun way!

Since the first test session, held in Matt's Berlin apartment in the summer of 2018, people from more than 20 countries have participated in Life Sprints.

Connect with us, and let's get unstuck together!

The team

Our Methodology

The Life Sprint process is inspired by elements of Design Thinking, Design Sprints and coaching theory. All proven methods to tackle problems, which we apply in a unique way. Our 12 step process is broken up into three distinct phases:

1. Vision

In this phase we look to the future and evaluate priority goals to focus on

2. Strategy

Strategically reframing the challenge, and identifying obstacles and helpers

3. Action

Time to set goals, metrics and get creative to define small steps forward

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