Feeling stuck in your career?

Life Sprint helps you #getunstuck.

Redesign your current role

Start your dream project

Make your next career move

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Achieve their goal

Getting unstuck in four weeks is easy!

3 facilitated virtual sessions +
3 weeks of remote support

Small group sizes - no more than 10 people per sprint

A fun proven process based on design sprints and coaching theory

Featured Sprinter Story

Marlene Dirven shares her story about getting one step closer to landing her dream job with the help of personalised support and guidance from Life Sprint.


Upcoming Sprints

We run a lot of sprints with universities, companies and other communities. We also try to run at least one sprint per month to our broader community. If we don't have any open sessions that work for you, reach out directly and when we have at least 6 people we'll run another sprint!

Sprint Week:
July 5, 6, 8
(Mon / Wed / Thur)

🇪🇺 17 - 18:30 CET
🇺🇸 11am - 12:30pm ET
Sold Out!
Sprint Week:
September 6, 8, 9
(Mon / Wed / Thur)

🇪🇺 17 - 18:30 CET
🇺🇸 11am - 12:30pm ET
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"Life Sprint got me super energized about getting "unstuck". Matt and Rakesh have created a unique and structured formula to efficiently lead people through the process of identifying a simple and actionable plan to move toward their dreams. Highly recommend!"

Marybeth Hill
User Research Leader, Mercer (U.S.A)

"My confidence in understanding my interests and finding the next stage in my career has increased from 15% to 85%, and the last 15% is something I can only fully discover on the job."

Justin Hogenbirk
Sustainability Consultant / Career Changer (Netherlands)

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